Giovanni Goes to Med School by Kathy Bryon

3.5 Stars

Kathy contacted me to ask if I would read her new novella which, from what I have read, is the first in a series of novellas. Thank you for contacting me Kathy!

The story is centred on Giovanni who is an aspiring medical student and has taken the night shift at the morgue. Giovanni however, was looking for some quiet time to study but all becomes different when an elderly lady has passed away upstairs. Giovanni has also taken on the task of looking after the lady's dog, Rufus. On Giovanni's first night working in the morgue, the elderly lady (Mrs Harris) begins walking and talking. 

Our main character, Giovanni, is certainly a sympathetic type of guy and certainly a sensible sort too. This is not the type of zombie style story full of horror and gore (maybe a little?), this is much a more light hearted type of story. I do like my horror books, but they all get too predictable, especially in the zombie genre. I agreed to read this novella to see how it would fair this way. There are some good humorous scenes throughout which I enjoyed and the characters were reasonably decent for what can be fitted into 70 pages. The writing style is also of good quality.
My only downfalls as such with this story was that due to it only being a short read, there were things missing. We as the reader are left with unanswered questions. However, as this is suppose to be part of a series of novellas featuring Giovanni, some of this may go answered throughout. If this is the case, maybe hold off reading until there are a few stories out and read them all at once? 

Overall, this is a good start to what could be a great series. There was definitely some original thought put into the zombie genre here and it was nice to just read something in one sitting and not have to go back and forth. Readers will enjoy this if they are looking for something different in the zombie genre or are stuck for time and just want something quick and enjoyable. 

Happy reading :)


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