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Unfortunately I haven't had much time to carry on reading much of my books lately or watching my TV shows. I am currently in the middle of my dissertation for my MSc and obviously that takes precedent. I am currently at around 9,000 words out of 20,000 words and still have plenty more to write. So, to update my blog today I am going to 'bore' you with the joys of my research and what I am looking at. 

I could, to be really boring, review all the books and journals I have been reading and have included in my research, but I won't go that far. In hope that some people may find this as interesting as I have, my research title is as follows: 

    'Exploring the Bystander Affect: Witness Willingness to Intervene in a Disability Hate Crime.'

As the research title suggests, I am looking into why witnesses would intervene in a disability hate crime, from ringing the police to physical intervention. Whether an individuals background effects their likeliness in intervening and whether being alone or with a friend (the bystander effect) effects the likeliness of intervening. 

I have really enjoyed this research. I am hoping somewhere in my life that after I get my MSc, I will be able to carry on with my research and go somewhere else with this particular subject. There is so many aspects I could look at but cannot due to cost, time and the fact I am only doing one dissertation. 

So, that's what I am currently up to. I am carrying on with my books though and will hopefully do TV catchup towards the end of each week. I am rather struggling with reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, and I am currently debating whether I should read another book instead and leave this. I have read a few review of this particular book giving it good reviews. Don't get me wrong, Kate writes well, character development is good and I enjoy the characters. But I just cannot see where it is going and maybe the time period is putting me off? Who knows. 

Happy reading :) 


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