End of Days by Susan Ee

4 Stars

Ever since I found out when this book was being released, I have been so utterly excited. End of Days is the last book in the Penryn and the end of days trilogy. This trilogy is one of my favourite series of all time, and probably my most favourite in relation to YA novels. 

End of Days picks up where World After left off. Penryn is on the search for a doctor to stitch Raffe's wings on and to help her sister, Paige. The book goes immediately into the storyline as though there was no gap between book two and three; which was great. I don't want to give away too much of the storyline for this book for a number of reasons. Reason one being that the blurb of the book doesn't give away much either; reason two being that if you haven't read the first two books, it will be somewhat meaningless. 

For those of you who haven't read any of the books in the trilogy, here is a general premise: angels have come down to destroy the world. The story generally follows Penryn who is trying to save her sister, Paige, who was taken by the angels at the beginning of book one. As she sets of to find her, Penryn finds an angel who has been attacked and his wings have been cut off; Raphael (Raffe). Penryn takes Raffe to find her sister. The rest of the trilogy then follows Penryn trying to save her family, Raffe trying to get his wings sewn back on, and a fight between humanity and the angels. 

Now that you really want to read these books, if you haven't already, I will tell you my thoughts on book three. I don't tend to read books which are romantic of any sort, unless I'm reading a horror/fantasy/YA and the topic comes up. This book is definitely great for its fantasy/post-apocalyptic YA parts, but I also enjoyed the somewhat romantic in a way side between Penryn and Raffe. And even I myself, am totally in love with Raffe. I spent the entire series wanting to know whether they ended up together not, even more so than whether humanity would survive and the angels would leave. This is not so normal for me. I did also enjoy these other parts in the plot too though, not to say they weren't great, because they were. The books are so easy to read, the characters (not just Penryn and Raffe) are so well written and I enjoyed each one. There are obviously characters which I disliked, but not because of how they were portrayed, but because they were meant to be disliked. 

I really struggled in what to give this book review/star wise. I absolutely loved the series and would give the series as a whole 5 stars. There is however, something missing for me in this last book. The whole book ranges over two days or so in the time scale of what happens. I do also think that there should have been a little more in that sense. I have read elsewhere that Susan was originally making this trilogy a series of 5 books but changed her mind. I think 5 books might have been too many, but 4 books may have been a bit better. Overall, the book was still great, a fast read and I loved the action/love sides. I have also read a number of reviews who loved this book but weren't overall happy with the ending. This will always be the case in trilogies/series. I personally was happy with the ending, but it also felt a little rushed in a way and could have done more. But don't let that discourage you, get reading the series!

For those of you who have read the entire Susan Ee series now and are looking for you next Angel style story to fill that gap, I would suggest reading Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan.

Happy reading :)


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