The Good Neighbour by A.J. Banner

4 Stars

I received this book as one of those free monthly books on Kindle known as Kindle First. The book follows Sarah who lives with her husband, Dr Johnny McDonald, on a small estate in Shadow Cove, Washington. Whilst her husband is away on a conference, her neighbours home is caught in a fire and Sarah also loses her home. Her husband and herself then move into a small cottage until they find a new home. During this time, Sarah uncovers some revealing pieces about what she thought was her life, whilst also going through the investigation into the fire. 

I can't give too much away with this novel as there isn't much given away in the blurb of the book either. I went into reading this book with no expectations and without reading any of the reviews up front. Now after reading this book, I have read a number of 2-3 star reviews. At around 30% of the way through this book, I did guess a few things of what was happening. However, this didn't ruin the rest of the book for me and there was quite an unveiling of who caused the fire at the end of the book which I did not guess. 

I enjoyed the characters in this book and the way they were developed. The writing style of the book is also relatively well done and was an easy/fast read. Though there wasn't too many large plot twists and turns, I enjoyed the pace of the book and that the book wasn't overwhelmed with too many plots; there was just enough to keep me interested and enjoy the book. 

Overall, a generally well written book and I enjoyed it. However, it may not be enough for some readers or enough twists for some. 

Happy reading :)


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