Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell

4.5 Stars. 

Before delving into my review, I realise that I haven't posted for a number of weeks now. I started reading Cornwell's new book after I updated what I was reading on my page and for some reason I just couldn't read. Not because I haven't been enjoying what I'm reading, I have just gone through one of those phases of not reading. Hopefully that has changed now though! 

I have the signed copy of Cornwell's new book which I received when I attended An Evening with Patricia Cornwell at the Lowry Theatre at Manchester. I have to say that the experience was almost more exciting than reading the book! Cornwell is one of my favourite writers and what I really love about her work is that she always does her research. As she said on the evening, her characters within the book have shaped her and her personality. Cornwell is also a really lovely person. 

Back to the review of Cornwell's new book now though. Depraved Heart picks up 2 months after the previous book, with the entirety of the events taking place over a 24 hour period. The main plot of the new book is that Scarpetta has been called to what the police are currently calling an 'accident'. Whilst there, Scarpetta receives mysterious videos to her phone from who she thinks is Carrie Grethen. Once receiving the videos, Scarpetta decides to check on her niece's safety. I cannot really say much more as to what happens as there is that constant air of mystery and what is actually going on in Cornwell's books until you pretty much reach the end of the story, and this is exactly what happens here. 

I would say that I enjoyed this book more than the previous book in the Scarpetta series. Although I enjoy reading her work on cases a little more than her family, this time the mixture of both in a way and the constant guessing of what is going on really kept my attention and wanting to read as much as possible as fast as possible. The reason I dropped the half star from my star rating from this book is that at some points I wanted more of Scarpetta's case working. There is a chunk in the middle of the book which is very family orientated and I kind of missed the case. 

Another niggling part of why I gave this review shy of 5 stars is the ending. As I was reaching the end of my read, I had no idea how the book was going to end, what the results would be and I found the ending to be just a little too abrupt for me. Overall though, another great book from Cornwell and I look forward to reading the next!

Happy reading :) 


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