Black Water Tales: The Unwanted by Jean Nicole Rivers

4.5 Stars.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this from Jean and do really appreciate it. When Jean emailed about her new book, I couldn't wait to start it as this was definitely something right up my street. So, thank you again!

The book follows Blaire Baker, an American, who is going to volunteer a year of her time to an orphanage for unwanted children; St Sebastian in Borslav (in Eastern Europe). Blaire has also been sent on her journey with a cheerful nurse, Travis, and begin their journey hopeful. Once in Borslav and set upon their 12 month stay to help the children, Blaire is quickly discouraged due to the terrible conditions the children and the building is. The children are under nourished and locked in their rooms at night. There are very few staff and little money. Blaire is then confronted by a constant voice telling her there's something in the basement. When weird things begin happening at the orphanage and the children appear to have increasing bruises, Blaire sets out to find out what happened in the basement and the secrets of St Sebastian. 

Well, this was a real page turner. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next and there was definitely plenty of suspense to keep me going. The book definitely had plenty of chills and evil goings on for the horror style genre. I wouldn't say this book scared me, and not because it wasn't such a good read. I read the horror genre because I love it and enjoy it. I'm pretty much desensitised by most things; but that doesn't make this book any less enjoyable for me and from the other reviews I have read; other genre lovers enjoyed it just as much. I enjoyed Blaire as our main character and wasn't too bothered by Travis; he was one of those take it or leave it kind of characters. However, all the characters within the book definitely fitted well and there was some very good writing in developing the town of Borslav and making it all feel real in a way. There are some pretty good twists in finding out what is happening at the orphanage too. I certainly wasn't expecting what had happened in the basement and there was some great atmosphere leading up to it.

This book is also the second part of the black water tales by Jean and she was also kind enough to send me a copy of that book too. I haven't read it yet but I certainly will and know that I will enjoy it just as much as this. I hope that Jean will be writing some more books in this possible series, there is plenty of potential. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. A great read for anybody who is looking for something in the creepy/mystery still horror genre. 

Happy reading :)


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