Inevitable Ascension by V.K. McAllister

4 Stars

This review was another book I was asked for by the authors of this book. I was highly interested in the way this book would turn out and thought it was completely different that it is written by a husband/wife duo. I think a lot of readers will be taken by surprise with how good this book is and how well written it is. Thank you again!

The book follows Violina as our main character and her sidekick, Lux. The story follows elements of time travel, science fiction and steampunk as Violina strives to change the people of the world by going through different time warps. As Violina and Lux fight their way through and try to settle in different places, we are given pieces which start to form answers to the puzzle. There is plenty of action/adventure/fighting throughout. 

I know my synopsis hasn't given much away as to what actually happens in this book, but I went in reading this novel not knowing much more myself and I feel as though readers appreciate a book which makes you want to find out. I wouldn't say that time travel or this book in general is something I would go out and find for myself but I was certainly pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed Violina as a character and Lux too. The action within this book is pretty much from the beginning and also rather non-stop. I love books which get straight into their storylines and carry on all the way through; this book certainly did that for me. I also really enjoyed the steampunk twist in there with the way the world was created through the writing and the different types of weapons. I haven't read anything remotely steampunk before and that gave this book extra likeness. 

Overall, this was a fast paced, page turner of a book. I do look forward to reading anything by this duo in the future. This book has certainly found something that readers are looking for and will definitely pick up many of followers. 

Happy reading :)


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