Linwood Barclay So Far...

I am somewhat aware that my whole blog over the next few weeks will be bombarded with reviews and recommendations from a whole variety of things in a short space of time with about 10 posts a day. 

Anyways, so this is more of a recommendation than a review. These are the books that I have read so far by Linwood Barclay. Since finishing these books, there have been another three books which I am yet to read - not because I slowly didn't enjoy them, time is something we are all always wanting more of. 

I won't go into a long synopsis of each of the books but I will tell you a general overview of Barclay's writing style and why I would recommend his books. The first book I read was No time for goodbye. I was instantly hooked to this book and wanted to read more of Barclay's books. If you like a fast read, lost of twists and constant questions such as 'how can this book have so many twists' and 'the synopsis to this plot line sounds a little boring, but wow its so good'; then these are the books to read. I am aware that some people may have already read some of Barclay's books and not enjoyed them as I have. But hey, this is my blog and my personal opinion, so please, look up Linwood Barclay if you are looking for a new thrilling read. 


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