Sleepy Hollow S02E08


So, I am slowly catching up on my TV and watched the next episode of sleepy hollow. I won't go into a long synopsis of the series every time I post a review on the next boring so please read back. 

Katrina has spent the past week or so with Ichabod and now they have been pulled into a case of a woman who preys on men whilst trying to seduce them. Katrina, Ichabod and Mills have to stop the woman as she is feeding the souls to Moloch. This episode finally brought Katrina out from the shadows and showed her potential for the show. As I have previous said, I am not overly keen on Katrina, and this episode doesn't mean that I warmed to her anymore. However, as Mills stated within the episode, she can see why Ichabod wants her as part of their team. It will be nice to see how far Katrina will go and how her relationship with Ichabod will grow because of this. 

Also, as not stated in my previous sleepy hollow review, for those of you who watched Fringe when it was on (sadly it came it to an end), John Noble stars in this series. I wont tell you too much of his role for those of you who haven't watched it as there are a few surprises in his character. It was good to see how well John Noble took on his new role and he is so good at it. His Fringe character is completely different to this, what a great actor. 


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