The Ice Twins by S.K Tremayne

3.5 stars.

The ice twins follows the story of a couple, Angus and Sarah, who have twin daughters. However, one daughter dies in a terrible accident and the rest of the story tries to find out which of the twin daughters died: Lydia or Kirstie. 

The story line of this novel was a good one. The setting is right and the characters are OK. However, I do have a few flaws with this book and I wanted to enjoy it much more than I did. The first flaw was the abruptness in which we find out that the twin that lived (Kirstie) is actually the other twin, Lydia. This could have been such a great way to find out other than 'oh I'm actually Lydia by the way'. Another flaw within this novel is the writing style. Although the book was quite fast paced and had plenty of depth, the constant rhetorical questions were a little annoying and the way that the mother, Sarah, went on about wanting sex from her husband. Yes we get it, but it could have been thought about much better. 

I like books with a twist and an eerie story, and although this book had some of this, it too could have been developed more. I wanted the daughter to be much more eerie and there to be more psychosis symptoms from here, or maybe that was just the writing style too? 

On a good point though, I liked the way the story kept bringing in other elements to make the story of finding out which twin the daughter actually was, and you definitely make your mind up as to which one she is. The rest of the book is about 'am I right?'. Overall, a decent read and reasonably fast paced, a good story but needed more development. 

Happy reading :) 


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