The Secrets of Blood and Bone by Rebecca Alexander

4 stars. 

The book follows the same layout as the last one, going from present day with Jack, Sadie etc and the late 1500s with Edward Kelley - no Dr. Dee this time though. The book is a little bit forward after the first book (The secrets of life and death - I reviewed this earlier in my blog) and Felix is now in New Orleans trying to find out the side effects of Jack taking blood. The story follows Jack and Sadie moving into a new cottage, and have the Dannick family onto them to find a book/herb to heal their son. Whilst in the other part of the story which follows Kelley, he is in Venice, trying to find out more secrets in relation to his work. 

Firstly, I gave five stars for the first book and only four stars for the second book. My main reason for this is the first one had so much more action and was a bit more fast spaced compared to this book. Despite this, I did still enjoy this book and enjoyed reading the different times, thinking 'ah this makes sense to the present day'. I also really want Felix and Jack to get together - it's kinda doing my head in? Though I do find it rather annoying when Jack gets into an argument with Felix because he slept with someone else - your own fault! 

Overall though, I am really enjoying this series so far. I am hoping there will be another book, there definitely should be after the way this one finished. If you like fantasy style books, with a bit more of a twist with the back and forward, then this could be the book for you. The first book in the series was recommended another blog and I'm glad I picked this up. Also, one more book down in my long list!

Happy reading :) 


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