The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

5 Stars

I loved this book! As you can guess from the 5 stars I just gave it! I came across this book randomly on Amazon actually, I wasn't even looking for it as such or recommended it. I was also quite shocked to find that this book is also part of Amazon's unlimited kindle program. 

The book follows the main character Adele who has currently been living in Paris with her somewhat estranged mother as her home in New Orleans was attacked by a hurricane. After two months of living there though, she has managed to harass her father in to taking them both home. Once arriving back home though, things have definitely changed. Adele's school is closed indefinitely, the murder rate is sky high and her best friend isn't coming home. Adele manages to swing her father around so she can stay in New Orleans so she doesn't have to go back to Paris by taking up a place at an upstate school. Things definitely change for Adele as she meets two rather mysterious men and Adele learns she has some very intriguing gifts. The course of the book also swings us into Adele's ancestry and the heritage of her gifts. 

So many books have a plot in New Orleans, especially those about magic and more. I would definitely say that the book being set in New Orleans was one of the reasons I picked this book up, that and the cover is gorgeous too. The book is fast paced to read (which I love), but easy to read at the same time. I enjoyed all of the characters in their own way, and although there are definitely characters you shouldn't like, you still do. Although there was some love interests going on in this book for Adele and I am not a huge fan of romantic storylines, the love interests certainly didn't get in the way of the rest of the book and were probably a good part of the plot. I'm not surprised Adele seemed a little confused on feelings at times, I think I would be too!

I wanted to get through this book so fast because I really wanted to know what was going on. Although it is somewhat obvious what Adele is and what her mysterious guys are, Adele starts translating a diary from the 1700s about half way through the book and everything feels completely thrown up in the air. There are so many plot twists going on, the book constantly wants you to keep reading right up until the end. This book is also the first book in a series that Arden will be doing - I cannot wait to read the next one!

Happy reading :)


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