October 32nd by Larry Rodness

4 Stars

I received a copy of this by the author and would very much like to thank Larry for that! I would also like to say that even without a copy being sent to me, I would definitely have picked up this book at some point myself. 

The book follows Alexander Malefant as our main character and whose view point we follow throughout. He is a travelling salesman and on Halloween ends up in a small town called Elora. Over the past 50 years, Elora has won the trophy from its neighbouring town in their Halloween festivities. From the moment Alexander steps foot into Elora, strange things begin to happen. We are also introduced to numerous characters from the start such as Missy who is also considered to be a 'witch', families within Elora and the main individuals from the police department. As Alexander begins his appointments, the children of Elora disappear, with only their shoes left behind. As Alexander becomes involved in the search for the children, deep secrets within the town and our main characters are uncovered. 

This novel was a very easy read and the whole book flowed throughout; this is something I always look for in a book. There was also a number of twists throughout about the disappearances and about some of our main characters. I certainly couldn't guess anything about what happened throughout which I certainly liked.
I wouldn't say that I loved any of the characters nor did I really hate any of the characters. The odd parent was a little annoying when trying to figure out what has happened but this didn't really bother me or make any difference. Our main character is also a little up and down in his nature - sometimes he wants to help and sometimes he wants to get out as fast as possible but this certainly helps steer us away from figuring out what happens which I also liked. 

My only downfall with this book was the ending. I did like the ending and it certainly isn't what I was expecting. There was alot of hype throughout the book and it was fast-paced but I felt that there could have been more time spent on the ending with more detail as the rest of the book. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was a good solid storyline, well written and great plot twists. As I said before, this is a book I would pick up anyways and certainly look forward to anything written by Larry in the future. 

Happy reading :)


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