Oasis in the Clouds by C. Esther

4 Stars.

I was contacted by the author of this lovely book (thank you again!). I do enjoy reading upcoming authors books and also appreciate being of help to the book world by reading and reviewing such new work. 

This novel follows Niri as our main character who has awoken in a beautiful garden but has no memories of how she came to be there and seems to be unable to find a way out. As Niri carries on spending her days in her 'paradise', she eventually comes across a friend (a dragon) who explains she has been imprisoned by a witch and that she herself is Wicca. Niri must now find a way out of the clouds, recover her memories and imprison the Wicca who stole her memories. 

I always look forward to reading books that have a magical element to them. Though this wasn't one of those books that was fuelled by action/anger/darkness or that sort of thing. This was more of a magical journey with elements of mystery I suppose. Not sure how else to explain! But this was a nicely flowing storyline and was definitely easy to read which gave it that fast paced feeling. I read this book in only two short sittings because of this. It's also nice to take a break from horror/action to read something which is a lot easier on the mind. The characters were also nicely developed and there was quite a lot of description (which could possible have been damped down on) but sometimes books can be a lot more different to this i.e. not enough description or overly developed. I wouldn't say the descriptions put me off but it didn't effect the story as it was. I did enjoy this book overall and I will look forward to seeing how and where the next books in the series go.

Overall, this is definitely a solid piece of work especially as a first time YA book by this author. I think the series will be also be solid and will definitely be read by many. A nicely written piece and definitely something to whisk you off from those books that make for hard reading or if you want a break from all the high action. Thanks again!

Happy reading :)


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