The Primrose Path by Rebecca Griffiths

2 Stars. 

I really couldn't wait to start this book when I bought it from Waterstones about a month ago. Man, was I disappointed! There are some really good reviews on Goodreads about this book but for me, it was only just readable. 

The book follows Sarah D'Villez who was abducted and abused for eleven days. Now the man who she put away for the crimes is about to be released from prison seventeen years later. Sarah has decided to move to Wales under a new identity using the money her father left her. She hasn't told any of her family where she has gone and her ex-husband and daughter are living in New York. As Sarah tries to start her new life, she begins to feel a sense that someone knows where she is and there are a string of female murders not far from where she lives. 

The plot for this book definitely drew me in, but I have no idea how it is a thriller. I found the plot to be boring and there was way too much going on that was completely irrelevant. I usually enjoy books where the points of view change but this book did it way too often and there was numerous chapters that were only a page long. I was on page 200 and absolutely nothing had happened - there was the odd chapter about the murders but that was it. Some of the characters were a little strange which made you feel intrigued but that was it. I felt no empathy or even liked any of the characters. There was little character development except for the main character, Sarah, but even then, it was mostly reference to her past which didn't feel the same as character development. 

This was just a strange book and I really feel so disappointed! A great idea that was destroyed by the writing and plot. The conversation parts of the book were also quite difficult with the Welsh accent protruding heavily in the writing. I really didn't find this book full of twists and turns and the thriller it was meant to be. There was a few later in the book but it needed more to keep readers hooked earlier on. Overall, I actually couldn't wait to finish this. 

Happy reading :)


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