Catch & Neutralize by Chris Grams

4.5 Stars. 

So, this book actually just came out today and I was asked to hold off on publishing my review until today. This is Grams's first book in a series and I was very happy to receive an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review; so thank you again!

The book follows Angie Carter who is part of a secret society where women hunt down criminals known as the Catch and Neutralize Insititute (CAN). Angie has also been blessed with a great body and a rather rich husband who is suspecting her of having an affair. The book follows numerous different perspectives, including Angie's husbands, in Angie's mission to take down the criminals that she has been assigned to. 

The book begins with Angie's husbands perspective, Mark, who is a geneticist. This part takes up around the first quarter of the book and definitely makes for an intriguing start to the story. I almost forgot what book I was reading and was wondering when Angie was going to jump in and start with her assignments. Now, this definitely wasn't a bad thing, more of positive thing really and made you want to read on and figure things out. The writing style was also really great and made for a fast paced book which I always like. The writing is also a bit explicit which I know can put people off, but certainly not me. I would even say that it added to the air of mystery. 

I wouldn't say I loved or hated any of the characters in this book. They all definitely played their parts and worked as a whole which I liked but there weren't any mass insights (not that this mattered) and as I said, I didn't love any of them. But please don't take this as a bad thing! There wasn't much that I didn't like about this book. I did enjoy the changing perspectives but they did get a little too often towards the end of the book which did get a little confusing as sometimes I did sometimes want some of them to last longer. The ending was a little wrapped up too fast but I guess I'm just being picky here! 

Overall, I did really enjoy this and the book definitely kept my focus throughout. I will keep my eyes out for the next book in the series!

Happy reading :) 


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