Once Lost Lords by Stephan Morse

4 Stars.

I would never have even had heard of this book had I not spoken to the author. For those of you who like reading books about supernatural creatures etc, this is definitely a book to add to your list. I was definitely unexpectedly surprised with this book and found it a really good read. 

The book follows Jay Fields as our main character. Jay lives in a world where elves, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures live amongst us. Society is run through sectors and rules to keep the piece and help the world live mutually with one another. Jay is someone who seems human but also powers of his own, the power of tracking such supernatural creatures. Jay has returned to his life after four years away to an ex-girlfriend vampire who is still intent on making him hers and a boss/friend who isn't too pleased on his style anymore. Jay is now working a somewhat case involving a missing elf for a friend who is a sector agent when things get out of hand. 

 What was interesting about this book is that it takes an interesting view and story involving vampires, elves, werewolves etc. Sometimes it feels like the literary world just conjures up the same things over again i.e. a love story of human/vampire or an overly gory story. Although this story does still have some of the human/vampire love story part, Jay may not be very human himself and there is definitely something different. It doesn't overtake the story either. I really enjoyed the majority of characters and how they all played their parts in the story, with the exceptions of Daniel. The story was also very well written and although not overly fast-paced, it definitely read at a decent pace and worked for the plot. I would also say that I enjoyed reading more about Jay as a character, the people he ran into and him trying to work out who/what he is more than him trying to catch his missing elf for his friend. 

I wouldn't say there was anything in particular that I didn't enjoy in this book. I enjoyed everything I suppose!

Overall, definitely something new and interesting in the supernatural, maybe thriller/action genre from a more unknown author. It's great to see that such authors do have just as good or better writing skill than known authors too. I really enjoyed the use of making America within the realms of our own world too. 

If you've found my review interesting and what to look more into Stephan as an author and about his books, you can read more on his blog at: https://frustratedego.com/

Happy reading :)


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