Warlords of Llantatis by Dominic Green

3.5 Stars

   So I actually finished this book a little over a week ago but due to the holiday's, I have been extra busy! I would like to thank again Dominic Green for providing me with a copy of this book. 

The book takes place in the future whereby the most part of the book is set in a virtual game world. The storyline uses interludes of real world to contrast player life and is also part mystery part heroic quest. A newbie has entered the virtual game world and there is a wide search for them in the real world. Some players want to help this new player, whilst others want to kill him; characters which die stay dead. 

This was an interesting read overall and certainly something very different. When reading the synopsis of this book, I would certainly say that once finishing, it wasn't what I was expecting. The book is definitely a hefty read and it does take some time to get into it. The beginning part was probably the hardest part of the book to get through but after reading it and getting into the actually story, this probably could be skimmed over or missed. I think overall, there was quite a lot going on once you were getting through about two thirds of the book, there are numerous characters and hefty information. This did get a bit confusing but once you weren't, the storyline overall was good. The humour side was funny and the general ideas were really good. I would say that the overall arch of this book was what made it an overall good read. There is certainly nothing I would say was much of a negative. 

I would say however, that this book wasn't wholly for me in the end. I was interested in giving it a go as the reviews are really great and I do like something a bit different. I think those with more of an interest in the subject would certainly give this book a five star rating! The writing is of a good standard but there was probably some parts I would personally cut; others will definitely enjoy this without any cuts however! 

Overall, an interesting read and I really enjoyed the ideas of this book and what it was about. There are definitely some readers who will love it more than me!

Happy reading :)


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